This tank was dug way back when by mule team and plow. It has had water in it all the way up until this year. 7 years of drought gradually drained all the water out of the tank AND since it has not rained here since October 2011, the tank was totally dry. Called Mike Gepner and asked him what he could do in ten hours with his trusty backhoe. Mike worked like that "Everyready Battery Bunny" and now if we just had some rain - we have a heck of a tank.

bdiggin28_small.jpg bdiggin29_small.jpg bdiggin30_small.jpg bdiggin31_small.jpg
ctankafter_small.jpg ctankafter1_small.jpg ctankafter2_small.jpg ctankafter3_small.jpg
ctankafter4_small.jpg ctankafter5_small.jpg ctankafter6_small.jpg justaddwater_small.jpg
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