April May 2010 - 6 days driving to Miami - 29 Days on the NCL Pearl - 18 days driving back to Cedar Creek from Seattle Washington - What a great trip!

k19_small.jpg k20_small.jpg k21_small.jpg k22_small.jpg snowwwwwwwwww_small.jpg
k25_small.jpg whiteoutattheskiresort_small.jpg k27_small.jpg k28_small.jpg snow_small.jpg
k30_small.jpg k31_small.jpg k32_small.jpg degreespleasedontfreeze_small.jpg k34_small.jpg
k35_small.jpg kk_small.jpg kk2_small.jpg kk3_small.jpg kk4_small.jpg
thelavabeds_small.jpg thelavabeds2_small.jpg thelavabeds3_small.jpg thelavabeds4_small.jpg thelavabeds5_small.jpg
coolcountycourthouse_small.jpg shoetree_small.jpg shoetree2_small.jpg deathvalley_small.jpg deathvalley2_small.jpg

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