The following photos are arranged in order of the ports we visited. They are listed as SA00 for Santiago,Chile - SA01 for Valparaiso, Chile - SA02 Coquimbo, Chile - SA04 Concepcion, Chile SA05 for Valdivia, Chile SA06 for Puerto Montt, Chile - SA07 for Puerto Chacabuco, Chile - SA09 Cruising Chilean Fjords and Straits of Magellan - SA10 for Punta Arenas, Chile - SA11 Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina - SA12 Cape Horn - SA14 Falkland Islands - SA16 Puerto Madryn, Argentina - SA18 Montevideo, Uruguary - SA19 Buenos Aires, Argentina - SA20 NCL Dream

sa09glac12_small.jpg sa09glac13_small.jpg sa09glac14_small.jpg sa09glac15_small.jpg sa10_small.jpg sa101_small.jpg sa102_small.jpg
sa103_small.jpg sa104_small.jpg sa105_small.jpg sa106_small.jpg sa107_small.jpg sa108_small.jpg sa109_small.jpg
sa1010_small.jpg sa1011_small.jpg sa1012_small.jpg sa1013_small.jpg sa1014_small.jpg sa1015_small.jpg sa1016_small.jpg
sa1017_small.jpg sa1018_small.jpg sa1019_small.jpg sa1020_small.jpg sa1021_small.jpg sa1022_small.jpg sa1023_small.jpg
sa1024_small.jpg sa1025_small.jpg sa1026_small.jpg sa1027_small.jpg sa1028_small.jpg sa1029_small.jpg sa11_small.jpg
sa111_small.jpg sa112_small.jpg sa113_small.jpg sa114_small.jpg sa115_small.jpg sa116_small.jpg sa117_small.jpg
sa118_small.jpg sa119_small.jpg sa1110_small.jpg sa1111_small.jpg sa1112_small.jpg sa1113_small.jpg sa1114_small.jpg
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