12 night cruise on the NCL Spirit from New Orleans La to Boston Ma. with our cruise pals, George and Norah Ward. The cruise visited Costa Maya, Mexico, Santo Tomas, Guatemala, Belize, Curacao, Bermuda and Boston.
When we arrived in Boston, Judi and Victor rented a car and drove to Nova Scotia, Ca, Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Victor's ancestors on his mothers side came from Nova Scotia and we also visited the first home he and his brother Eric lived in in East Hartford, Connecticut. Victor also visited his Kindergarten classroom at the Hockanum Elementary School in East Hartford, Conn.  The photos are named, but not in chronological order.
belize2_small.jpg belize3_small.jpg belize4_small.jpg belize5_small.jpg belize6_small.jpg belize7_small.jpg
belize8_small.jpg belize_small.jpg belizeb2_small.jpg belizeb3_small.jpg belizeb4_small.jpg belizeb_small.jpg
bermuda2_small.jpg bermuda3_small.jpg bermuda4_small.jpg bermuda5_small.jpg bermuda6_small.jpg bermuda7_small.jpg
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