6-nite stay in Guadalajara, Mexico. We booked on Hotwire.com (where else?) and stayed in the Hotel Morales. The Hotel was very nice and the staff was friendly and helpful. Since we were in the center of Guadalajara many of the important sights to see were within walking distance. We were there on a “Fiesta” Sunday and there was a huge parade down the main street. We also rode the Tequila Express, which was a 1-½ hour train ride thru the countryside to a Hacienda and Tequila factory. Mariachis played on the train. There was a buffet lunch at the Hacienda and music and dancing AND Tequila. A 10-hour well organized excursion. We also bused and or took a cab to the villages of Tonala and Talapeque where all the crafts and etc. are. You have to be there on a Thursday or Sunday in order to see the full market day in action.

Guadalajara is a big busy city, not a beach destination, but plenty to see. Don’t rent a car…you will die. Public transportation is a way of life here. Oh and if you get home sick, there is a Wal-Mart in town. There were 21 checkouts – ALL were open and ALL had lines 3-4 deep! We would like to go again and see some of the sights we missed.

Please feel free to drop us a line and ask us questions.

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