“Edgar” the Raven—Alaska NCL Pearl—2010

  While my husband and I were on an Alaskan Cruise on the NCL Pearl last year, this Raven landed on our balcony railing.  We figured when we went outside it would fly off—guess again.  We gave it some bread and some pretzels from the bar and figured it would be gone by morning.  The next day we woke to him pecking on the sliding glass door.

  Of course we fed him the rest of the trip.  No, he never left the balcony and  OUR BAD—we took him off the ship in our carry on luggage.  We were driving back to Texas so we didn’t have to deal with TSA. 

   We had to stop along the way and “walk the bird” just like a dog.  I couldn’t believe it.  A couple of times we had to pay a pet charge at the Comfort Inn, but by then we were attached to the bird and had even named it—Edgar (after Edgar Allen Poe)  Not sure if it is a boy or a girl.

So here is Edgar, 8 months later on our front porch railing.  Every once in a while he (or she) flies off and catches a bug.  Now that spring is here—there are plenty of bugs. 

Hope Edgar does OK in the Texas heat, after all, he comes from Alaska, right? 

The crazy bird loves the computer.  I am not sure if it is the sounds the computer makes or the movement on the screen, but Edgar can sit for hours watching me work on the computer.

He lets out a squawk when he hears the computer play the sound  for receiving an email.  He is louder than the computer so I never miss an email.  If I am out of the room, he lets me know “You got mail!” 

Gotta keep the trash can under the bird just in case.

This is a true story.  Edgar visited me in  North Texas when Judi and her husband traveled through on their way home.  enclosed is a pic of Judi and me with my dog giving Edgar the eye.    MS  - Texas

Edgar went nuts when Judi rode off on her new bike without him.  She had to get a basket for him to ride in.  A little hard to see Edgar since the basket black…..but he (or she) is in there.  May have to get another basket for the back so I can carry other things besides that crazy bird.    Judi gets a lot of “stares” from folks in cars as they pass her on the road.  Edgar is just like having a baby only with feathers!

“Edgar the Defender”  Victor was out trimming a few branches on our place the other day.  He set the chain saw on the ground and our Sheltie, Super came to investigate.  Edgar swooped down from a nearby tree to keep Super from hurting himself on the dangerous tool. 

Geeeeeeeeeze we thought Edgar was a Raven, but could he be a Duck?  Well he doesn’t quack and he is not that fond of water……….so I guess he is a Raven.

But our new batch of baby ducks think otherwise.  They took to Edgar like a duck takes to water….pun intended!  They even started preening Edgar and he looked a little concerned, so I took Edgar out of the cage before he hurt one of the baby ducks.  Edgar is a multi tasking bird.

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd—AND you BETTER buy me some peanuts and Crackerjack or I will give you a little nip!

No, Edgar did not bat today, not that he didn’t want to.  He did sit in the Lago Vista Vikings dugout for the entire game.  He had to move fast when a foul ball came his way.  He didn’t seem to like the term :foul,” though.  I guess he thought the umpire was referring to him.  Edgar managed to chow down on a bag of popcorn—no butter, he is watching his weight.


Niece Tracy puttin the squeeze on Edgar in Colorado.  Hey easy on the feathers!

Now you see why we have to pay a pet deposite when we travel with Edgar.  Easy bird…….OH…….not on the pillows Please!

I know, I know— you see people all the time with their dogs in their lap while they are driving.  I think it is a bad practice.  On this trip Edgar was in his carrier and kept squawking to get out.  Since he had food and water AND had been “walked” at the last stop, we couldn’t figure out why he was upset.  So we turned him loose and wouldn’t you know it, he just wanted to take a turn at driving.  Of course Victor had to operate the brake and gas pedal….but when we were on cruise, Edgar was a regular Andy Crowatelli.