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A - Istanbul, Turkey - Yasmak Sultan Hotel
B - Istanbul, Turkey- Topkapi Palace, Spice Market, Blue Mosque, Grand Covered Bazaar
C - NCL Jade "Mini Suite"
E - Izmir, Ephesus, Turkey
F - Delos, Mykonos, Greece - Little Venice, Petros Pelican
G - Santorini, Greece
H - Crete, Knossos
I - Giza, Cairo, Alexandria, Egypt - Pyramids
J - Corfu, Greece
K - Olympia, Greece - First Olympics
L - Athens, Greece - Parthanon
M - Delphi, Greece - Temple of Apollo
N - Corinth Canal, Mycenae, Greece
O - Tomb of Agamemnon, Epidaurus, Greece
We hope you enjoy our photos - The photos of Ephesus were taken by George Ward. Our camera malfunctioned for a day. We met George and his Wife Norah on the South American Cruise and they encouraged us to take this one. We thank them for that and for the pictures.
Please feel free to email us for any explanation of the photos at

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