Some photos have captions - some don't - they are self explainatory. National Weather Service says this area is in "Exceptional Drought" which is the worse catagory - One above extreme. Today we got rain - May 11 2011 - If it greens up - I will post those pics.

greengrass_small.jpg morebrown_small.jpg lookingwest_small.jpg droughtmay201123_small.jpg
droughtmay201124_small.jpg greenbrown_small.jpg contasts_small.jpg thinleafcanopy_small.jpg
justdirt_small.jpg droughtmay201129_small.jpg droughtmay201131_small.jpg droughtmay201132_small.jpg
droughtmay201134_small.jpg droughtmay201135_small.jpg whengreen_small.jpg droughtmay201137_small.jpg
droughtmay201138_small.jpg hadtocuttwotrees_small.jpg droughtmay201140_small.jpg droughtmay201143_small.jpg
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