A few photos from our NCL Jewel Cruise April/May 2008

Start at Miami, Florida (first photo) Transatlantic to the Azores, then on to Lisbon, Portugal, Acoruna, Spain, Vigo, Spain, Waterford, Ireland, Guernsey, Dover, UK, Copenhagen, Denmark, Warnemunde, Germany, Tallinn, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Russia (overnite) Helsinki, Finland, Stockholm, Sweden, London, UK.

Another great NCL cruise and best wishes to the new friends we met on this cruise AND to some old friends from NCL. If we can do it, you all can do it as well. If you were ever considering a cruise, send us an email and we can share our experiences that just might help you take a cruise too.

germany3_small.jpg germany4_small.jpg germany5_small.jpg germany6_small.jpg germany7_small.jpg germany8_small.jpg
germany9_small.jpg germany10_small.jpg germany_small.jpg estonia1_small.jpg estonia2_small.jpg estonia3_small.jpg
estonia4_small.jpg estonia5_small.jpg estonia6_small.jpg estonia7_small.jpg estonia8_small.jpg estonia_small.jpg
estoniaa1_small.jpg estoniaa_small.jpg russia1_small.jpg russia2_small.jpg russia3_small.jpg russia4_small.jpg
russia5_small.jpg russia6_small.jpg russia7_small.jpg russia8_small.jpg russia9_small.jpg russia10_small.jpg
russia11_small.jpg russia12_small.jpg russia13_small.jpg russia14_small.jpg russia15_small.jpg russia_small.jpg
helsinki1_small.jpg helsinki2_small.jpg helsinki3_small.jpg helsinki4_small.jpg helsinki5_small.jpg helsinki6_small.jpg
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